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An “intellectual asset” is an intangible asset.

Intellectual Asset

An asset that could not be seen physically but could be felt, such as brands, design, technology or creative works. The laws that protect the value of such assets are known collectively as intellectual property.

Businesses and corporations have spent tons of dollars creating these invisible assets through their activities and existing over the years without knowing. At JSC Global, we work with clients to identify, register, value and manage these assets which in turn improves the business or corporation’s net worth.

We specifically,

  • Identify the IP you will need to manage to protect new innovations and developments
  • Manage confidentiality, contracts and ownership between third parties and your business
  • Identify and value the unique assets that make your company attractive to investors and customers
  • Take your goods and services to market
  • Strengthen and protect your brand
  • Tailor your international IP strategy

Investing in Real Assets

In the investing world, real assets are an asset class generally for investors who are particularly concerned about inflation, currency prices or other macroeconomic factors. These real assets might include gold, oil or real estate, for example.

By investing in real assets, you can potentially:

  • Broaden your portfolio diversification,
  • Increase your potential to achieve a consistent real return that keeps pace with inflation, and
  • Enhance potential long-term returns by taking advantage of global trends.

Why Choose JSC Global for Real Assets?

  • Flexibility, including packaged real asset solutions and/or tailored investment offerings
  • Rigorous global real asset manager research and ongoing due diligence
  • Multi-asset and multi-manager portfolio construction, incorporating risk management and manager diversification for investors
  • Access to an investment process that adapts to changing market conditions
  • An investment team with in-depth knowledge of the real assets

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